Drop Off/ Pick Up Policy

At no time are children under the age of 12 allowed to be left alone in the studio without a parent.  No student is allowed to wait outside for parents. Students must remain in the lobby or the foyer until parents arrive.

Studio Mailboxes

All families will have a studio mailbox in the Front Office of OSPA.  This mailbox should be checked several times a month by parents only!  Newsletters and all other correspondence will be placed in the mailboxes to ensure every family receives the information.


OSPA INC. instructors and staff hold the right to dismiss students from classes due to inappropriate behavior. Upon dismissal from classes a parent will be called and expected to pick up the student immediately. 



Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Spring Break, and any other studio holidays will be announced in the studio newsletter.

Bad Weather Policy

Call the studio (540-672-9038) after 2:00PM on weekdays and one hour before your class on weekends. The message will tell you if classes have been cancelled.  If the message does not say otherwise, classes will be held on schedule.  Do not leave messages asking for a return call about cancellations.  Call back and listen to the message!  Cancellation e-mails will also be sent and updates will be posted to the website.

Missed Class Policy

Classes missed due to sickness may be made up only if a comparable level class is available. Permission must be obtained from the Front Office prior to attendance. Students may only make up one missed class per month. 

Observation Policy

OSPA INC. offers an open Observation Policy.

Parents wishing to watch students in Studio A may do so the last 10 minutes of class only.  Studio A (Firehouse Thearte Space) has space available for watching inside the classroom.  Parents are asked to respect the instructors and students by not talking while in this space!
Parents wishing to watch students in Studio B may do so from the Parent Room observation window at any time. 
Parents wishing to watch students in Studio C may only do so in the last 10 minutes of class.  Studio C has an observation window outside the classroom.
If parents begin to abuse this privilege and become a distraction to students, OSPA reserves the right to discontinue the privilege!

Studio Lockers

The studio has yearly locker rentals that are available to all OSPA students.  Lockers are located on the main floor in front of the girls locker room and the cost for a locker rental is $10 and all lockers come with a combination lock.  For locker rental information see the front desk.  All lockers must either be re-rented OR be cleaned out by the end of the dance season (May 1st).  The studio is not responsible for items missing from the lockers.